Cannes 2017 Critics’ Panel

Quickly becoming a tradition, this year’s Festival de Cannes brings the third incarnation of the ICS Cannes Critics’ Panel. And since we are celebrating the festival’s 70th birthday, it seemed the right occasion to expand the panel in all directions: we have more people rating films than ever before, and they are rating everything they see, be it the most anticipated Competition titles or that obscure film in the Semaine de la Critique.

More people and bigger panels mean a challenge for content creators and consumers alike. If the images below are too straining on your eyes, simply click on them to get an enlarged version that you can scroll around using the scrollbars (or the up/down arrows on your keyboard to go, well, up and down), or use the zoom function on your browser. And if you have a touchscreen, you can move around with a single fingertip (the Escape key brings you back to the full page).


Click here to see the scores of our panel for the films in UCR