Cannes 2019: The Dance of the Camera, according to Diao Yinan

Federica Polidoro had the chance to meet Chinese director Diao Yinan for a very short chat in Cannes, where he was competing for the Palme D’Or with the ‘neon noir’ The Wild Goose Lake. A director to keep on our radar, he’s a great cinephile. Since he hit the Berlinale in 2014 with Black Coal, Thin Ice, he kept thinking about shooting a movie using the language of the classic noir genre, but combining it with the urgency to portray the reality at the bottom of Chinese society.

Surprisingly, what seems to be well designed choreography and very strong  recreated production design happened to be real ‘sets’ in several city areas. If the powerful visual approach is not enough to declare the movie a masterpiece, there are plenty of suggestions to investigate. What would you have asked him, with only two minutes at your disposition? Here we are! Watch the video below to find out the Diao theory about the dance of the camera that makes love with the space depicted…

Diao Yinan (The Wild Goose Lake)