Cannes 2019 ICS Critics & Industry Panel

As we have done for the past four years, the ICS at the Festival de Cannes hosts a panel made up of film critics and industry insiders. Our 22 panelists (a record!) will rate all films they see, even in the small ACID sidebar.

Please note the following rule: panelists are allowed to alter their scores throughout the festival. So if you see fluctuations if you follow the grid daily (and you do, don’t you?), now you know why.

If you want to know more about our panelists, check this link.

With this many panelists and panels, it can be a challenge for both us as content creators and you as consumers. If the images below are too straining on your eyes, simply click on them to get an enlarged version that you can scroll around using the scrollbars (or the up/down arrows on your keyboard to go, well, up and down), or use the zoom function on your browser. And if you have a touchscreen, you can move around with a single fingertip (the Escape key brings you back to the full page).

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