Cannes-tastic: the ICS panellists for the 77th Festival de Cannes

Today marks the opening of the 77th edition of the Festival de Cannes, the world’s best-known and most prestigious film festival, with Quentin Dupieux’s Le deuxième acte kicking things off. As usual, the International Cinephile Society will be present again to cover the festival. Our yearly ICS Critics & Industry grid has become a staple of our coverage, next to our reviews. This year we will have 12 people grading each and every film they see, from the Competition down to the small ACID sidebar (and even in one case the new Immersive programme). These are our panellists this year:

Diego Batlle (@dmbatlle)– Argentina – Film critic, Otros Cines
Nicholas Bell (@RagingBells) – United States – Film critic,
Anaïs Bordages (@AnaisBordages) – France – Film critic, Slate
Ela Bittencourt (@Ela_Bittencourt) – Brasil – Film critic, Sight & Sound, Hyperallergic, Frieze Magazine
Marc van de Klashorst (@MarcVDKlashorst) – The Netherlands – Film critic, International Cinephile Society
Dubravka LakićSerbia – Film critic, Politika
Guy Lodge (@GuyLodge) – United Kingdom – Film critic, Variety
Daniela Michel (@Daniela_MichelC) – Mexico – Founder and director, Morelia International Film Festival
Federica Polidoro (@polidoropress) – Italy – Film critic, Askanews, Artslife
Meredith Taylor (@filmuforia) – United Kingdom – Film critic, Filmuforia
Nanako Tsukidate (@775nanananana) – Japan – Film critic, Nobody Magazine
Marcos Uzal France – Editor-in-chief, Cahiers du cinéma

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