New members for the ICS!

A little earlier than usual but by no means less excited, we are very happy to announce the following people as new members of the International Cinephile Society. A diverse group of people that are all dedicated to cinema in one way or the other, and we are honoured to have them.

Victor Guimarães, Brazil
Film critic for Con Los Ojos Abiertos and programmer for FICValdivia and FENDA.

Maximiliano Cruz, Mexico, Colombia
Artistic Director FICUNAM and founder of Interior XIII

Jonathan Romney, UK
Film critic for Screen International

Jordan Cronk, USA
Film critic for Film Comment and CinemaScope

Diana Bustamante, Colombia
Film producer at Burning Blue, filmmaker, and programmer

Lukasz Mankowski, Poland
Film critic for MUBI and Senses of Cinema

Josh Siegel, USA
Curator of Film at MoMA New York and programmer for Lincoln Center (New Directors/New Films)

Öykü Sofuoğlu, Turkey
Film critic for MUBI Notebook, Sorociné, Senses of Cinema, and Altyazi.

Anuradha Kodagoda, Sri Lanka
Film critic for Celluloid Magazine and Sunday Observer

Pony Ma, Taiwan
Film critic and programmer for the Taipei Film Festival

Cláudio Alves, Portugal
Film critic for The Film Experience, Photogénie, and Magazine.HD

Marcos Uzal, France
Film critic and editor-in-chief for Cahiers du Cinéma