The ICS in Cannes, 2016 Edition

Bonjour! It’s that time of the year again, when everybody who is somebody in cinema descends on this small town in the south of France to celebrate the art in its most opulent, its most daring, its most eclectic, and in the best it has to offer at the annual Festival de Cannes, this year in its 69th incarnation. And though we do not want to imply we are anybody in the world of cinema, of course the International Cinephile Society is there. The coming fortnight, we are going to cover as many of the films as we possibly can, and for that we have comprised a team of four people that will report on all competition films (that’s the plan, anyway; plans don’t always work out in Cannes though):

Cédric Succivalli (@OnTheCroisette)
David Acacia (@To_the_Lightbox)
Aldo Álvareztostado (@alvareztostado)
Marc van de Klashorst (@MarcVDKlashorst)

Follow their twitter handles if you want to know their personal opinion on what they have seen. If you just want to read their published reviews, follow our official account (@ICSfilm).

On top of that, we are also doing our annual ICS grid again this year. We have invited the following ICS members who are also down here this year to vote:

Dana Keith, founder of Miami Beach Cinematheque (@MBCinema)
Chris Beney, (@ChrisBeney)
David Honnorat, editor-in-chief at Vodkaster (@IMtheRookie)
Isabelle Regnier, Le Monde (@IsabRegnier)
Clarence Tsui, Hollywood Reporter (Hong Kong)
D W Mault, Next Projection (@D_W_Mault)
Nicholas Bell, IONCINEMA (@RagingBells)
Blake Williams, Filmmaker Magazine (@Astrostic)
Diego Batlle, OtrosCines / La Nacion (@dmbatlle)
Eren Odabasi, Altyazi magazine (@festivalbuzz)

The updated grid will be published daily on our site. So keep an eye on it!

ICS Cannes Awards 2016